WCCS: Mulls additional ETA parking space

COLUMBIA CITY — With several Columbia City High School students expected to take part in internships next year, the Whitley County Consolidated Schools Board of School Trustees is faced with either providing those students transportation to Eagle Tech Academy or looking into more parking lot space.“We’re getting close to seriously start talking about parking lots,” said WCCS business manager Anthony Zickgraf at Monday’s meeting. “This is a problem that is not going away.”Inquires are now being made by WCCS into the possibility of working something out with the Fraternal Order of Eagles, just down the street, or the possibility of purchasing lots, as well as the cost.Zickgraf said he often sees the parking lot, which consists of approximately 70 parking spaces, filled to capacity.“It is not uncommon for us to have a full lot,” said Zickgraf.However, board members also questioned whether the school corporation would be responsible for students who needed to travel back and forth from the high school to ETA during the school day, and if that would change whether or not they would even consider attaining additional parking space as opposed to providing transportation.After the question was discussed, the board decided to look into transportation costs as well as other options to help them make informed decisions.