WCCS plans reopening with some restrictions

Staff Writer

COVID-19 has put a wrench into many plans, but Whitley County Consolidated Schools will open as planned on Aug. 20. There will, however, be some changes.

For those considered a high risk or those living with someone who is a high risk, options will be made available for those not able to attend in school in person. This could be live streaming of the class or even learning at your own pace for those in high school.

For the majority of students though they will return to the school buildings and classrooms.

Classrooms though will be reorganized, allowing for the most space to be used, which will enable students to social distance. For the younger kids,lunch and recess will be staggered in the day. Passing periods for the older kids will also be staggered to reduce congestion in the halls.

Cubbies, lockers and seats will be assigned to specific students. Sanitization and hadwashing will play a large part in the daily functions on the classrooms.

As for face masks, at this time students will be expected to wear them on buses, during emergency drills, while working in close contact with other students and while walking in the school.

It is important to note, that these plans are subject to change. Superintendent Dr. Patricia O'Connor told the Whitley County Consolidated School Board that they would be paying close attention to orders made by Governor Eric Holcomb, as well as guidance from health officials.