WCCS: Promoting outreach programs

COLUMBIA CITY — To continue the Celebrate Success program this year, Whitley County Consolidated School Corporation has started two new programs that are going to be working through the school and the district involving outreach.“Each school is going to be creating a school outreach team to promote that particular school, and they’re going to create a presentation and present the presentation to three off campus entities,” said Dr. Patricia O’Connor at the WCCS work session Monday.O’Connor said these entities could include churches, the chamber, the rotary and even the city council.The school team members will consist of the school principal, staff members from the school and also parents from the school.“This is with the expectation that we inform the community and begin the outreach program,” said O’Connor.In addition to that initiative, O’Connor said the district is also going to have a team to promote itself. Team members will include school principals and the principal office staff.“As we continue to promote the success of our district, this will give us approximately 24 outreach presentations next year,” said O’Connor.Board members were invited to participate in the program.In other business, registration for school is Thursday, and the first day of school will be Aug. 21.