WCCS SCHOOL LUNCH: Price to increase

COLUMBIA CITY — Carol Heinold, food service director, gave the Whitley County Consolidated School (WCCS) Corporation’s Board of School Trustees information concerning food prices in the last several years at their work session last week.“Federal requirements are that we are to try to raise our lunch prices, not breakfast, for the reimbursement rate,” said Heinold. “Last year they told us we needed to raise it a nickel, and that’s what they’re showing this year.”For kindergarten through fifth grade the proposed change is $1.60.For sixth grade through eighth grade, the proposed change is $1.75.For ninth grade through 12th grade, the proposed change is $1.25, and for adults the proposed change is $2.60.Heinold said the reimbursement amount for a meal is $2.77, but she does not think it will ever be reached due to consistent rising costs.“I don’t know that we’ll ever catch it because every year they raise that reimbursement amount two or three cents,” said Heinold.