WEATHER WORRIES: SGCS dismisses early as precaution

CHURUBUSCO — Excessive ice and snow build-up, in combination with heavy rain, caused Smith-Green Community Schools to dismiss early Thursday at 1:10 p.m.Portions of the roof above the library were sagging due to heavy rain Thursday and snow and ice that had not yet melted. The roof did not collapse, though.Students were dismissed from school early as a precautionary measure.According to SGCS Superintendent Galen Mast, the lack of quick draining affected the roof.“The drainage pipes were clogged with ice so the water couldn’t drain,” he said. “We have a flex beam in the library, and it sagged a bit due to the extreme weight.”Mast said Thursday crews would work overnight to make sure the excess snow and water were gone. School ran on schedule for SGCS Friday.Mast said after crews did their work, that the drains opened and water was able to get through. He said the beam should return to normal as well.“The construction folks believe that the beam will return to its rightful place after the weight is gone,” he said.