WEEDS, GRASSES: City amends Nuisance Ordinance

COLUMBIA CITY — An amendment to the Nuisance Ordinance, concerning tall grass and weeds, was passed by the Columbia City Common Council on second reading Tuesday.“As you’ll remember Marcia (McNagny, city attorney) had talked about last time that the state had made it easier on communities to be able to enforce our high weed and grass ordinances to basically save us some expense,” said Mayor Ryan Daniel.According to the ordinance, it has been amended to state that an owner who receives notice of a nuisance violation has the right to appeal the bill issued or the nuisance determination to the Board of Public Works and Safety or the court which has jurisdiction in the area of the violation.Also, according to the ordinance, the Board of Public Works and Safety will notify the owner of the property where there is a nuisance involving tall grass or weeds, and the owner must abate the nuisance within 10 days from the notice.If the owner fails to take the appropriate steps, the Board of Works and Safety will abate the ordinance, and the city holds the right to file a lien against the owner’s property for costs involved in the abatement process.The Board of Works and Safety may also place a sign on the real estate requesting knowledge on the whereabouts of the owner, according to the ordinance.