WIND: Proposed ordinance set to become law

COLUMBIA CITY — After some confusion, the proposed Wind Ordinance is currently on its way to become law July 19, with the changes to the setbacks included.David Sewell, with the Columbia City/Whitley County Joint Planning and Building Department, came to the Whitley County Board of Commissioners meeting Monday to clear up the results of the last plan commission meeting held in June.Sewell said the vote made in the plan commission's meeting was determined by the county attorney and the plan commission’s attorney to be a “failure to act.” Since no action was taken, the county commissioners do not have to vote again.“Therefore, the 45 day clock that started when the commissioners amended, it continues to run, and no action on the commissioners part is necessary, and on July 19, the Whitley County Wind Ordinance will become law,” said County Commissioner Don Amber. “It will become law with the amendment from the commissioners.” The county commissioners' amendments regarded changing setbacks of participating land owners and non-participating land owners to a distance of 2,640 feet.Amber said no challenges have been made that would stop the ordinance from becoming law at this point.