WORKING TOGETHER: City, county hustle to finish cleaning recent storm damage

COLUMBIA CITY — While the violent storm that swept through the city, leaving several downed trees, occurred last month, officials from Columbia City and the rest of Whitley County are still reminded of its power as they continue working to finish clearing the damage away.“We’re trying to keep the sweeper out, picking up debris and stuff that’s been out on the streets since the storm came through,” said Kelly Cearbaugh, Columbia City street superintendent, at the Columbia City Common Council meeting Tuesday.“Community Corrections went through the cemeteries and got all the debris picked up and pulled off of the streets.” When the Whitley County Commissioners lifted the burn ban Tuesday, due to several days of continuous rain and the Whitley County Fire Chief’s Association approval, Commissioner Don Amber said many people in the county would most likely take the opportunity to burn the remainder of the storm damage.“People will most likely burn trash or debris from the storm since the burn ban is lifted,” said Amber. “We ask that they be considerate of their neighbors.”The city also lifted the burn ban Tuesday, with the approval of Columbia City Fire Chief Thomas LaRue.After 40 days of no burning allowed, the city also urged people to be considerate and careful as they follow city ordinances.