WPCF: Continuing to remain at the cutting edge

COLUMBIA CITY — Renovations are being made at the Water Pollution Control Facility. Work which began on the installation of a wet well pump in June for the new Recycle Station is estimated to take a few more weeks to become operational, according to Mike Cook, the superintendent of the Water Pollution Control Facility.In the recycle station, it handles flows from inside the facility, such as when a tank is drained, and it comes to the recycle station and gets pumped over through a building underground and back to a treatment plant. For the last three weeks, work is also being done to replace the equipment in the primary clarifier tank.The new equipment will make maintenance easier, according to Cook. The improvements are a continuation of ongoing renovations to Columbia City’s sewer treatment facility and procedures with govern it.• In December, 2010, the city council made changes to its sewage pollutant concentration regulations with an amendment to its sewage ordinance.The amendments were necessary to keep the city in compliance with Indiana Department of Environmental Management regulations.• In January, 2011, the city’s Board of Works and Safety authorized the purchase of 120 ultraviolet lamps at $135 apiece costing $16,200. The board also approved the purchase of quartz sleeves at $156 per unit, or $18,720.The bulb replacement project cost $34,920.