YOUTH COUNCIL: Reaches out through projects

COLUMBIA CITY — Youth Council President Kiersten Thomas, a junior at Columbia City High School, was the second Youth Council member, out of the nine member board, to represent the youth this month at city meetings and update the city on the youth’s projects and progress. Youth Council member Stacey Quinn attended last month’s meetings.One of the main projects the Youth Council has been working on is their Facebook page called Columbia City Youth Council.“We have our Facebook page up and running,” said Thomas. “So that’s kind of exciting.”Other than placing comment boxes for students to put their thoughts at Eagle Tech Academy and Columbia City High School, the council is also planning a downtown business walk.“We are planning a downtown business walk with a survey to ask businesses about youth involvement and whether they think it’s appropriate or not, and if they want that, how can we help get the youth involved,” said Thomas.According to Thomas, the Youth Council is also planning a program with fifth graders, in May or April, which will focus on government education.Youth Council members will attend city meetings once a month to be the voice of the youth and report on their council.