WABASH COUNTY, Ind. (Monday, June 28, 2021)—The 950 Speakeasy Bistro, renovated, owned and operated by family duo Justin and Darcie Gillespie is set to open to the public in early July. The two-story bar and eatery saw a complete renovation spanning more than a year after being halted during the pandemic.

“A lot of labor, love and attention to detail was invested into this place in Lagro,” Justin Gillespie said. “We’ve been anxious to open the doors to the public for a while now and it’s finally come to fruition after countless hours of work. We hope that this community enjoys every bit that the 950 Speakeasy Bistro has to offer.”

Located along the banks of the Wabash River and a trailhead to the newly constructed Wabash River Trail, the 950 Speakeasy Bistro offers a variety of cocktails and dishes paying homage to the historic town of Lagro.

The 950 Speakeasy, located on the lower level of the eatery, boasts its handcrafted cocktails, “Lagro Water,” “River Island Sunrise,” “Blue Star Highway,” and many others. Every signature 950 Speakeasy cocktail was carefully selected to be true to the prohibition era’s most popular liquors including gin and whiskey. The Bistro will offer specially selected menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner hours. The exterior perimeter offers open patio and deck seating with ample room for lawn games and outdoor activities

Neighboring the 950 Speakeasy Bistro is the recently restored Riparian House, an authentic Airbnb, which is also managed by Justin Gillespie and his business partner Beverly VanHaafton. Both the 950 Speakeasy Bistro and Riparian House feature upcycled materials including refinished barn siding, outdoor fencing, thrifted vintage items and handmade furniture. Both locations contribute to the preservation and beautification of the community of Lagro.

“Lagro is transforming along with the rest of the smaller communities in Wabash County,” Lagro Canal Foundation President Beth Gillespie said. “These two locations will begin serving as a refreshed outlook toward posterity, revitalization and a brighter future for this community.”

For more information about the 950 Speakeasy Bistro, visit 950Speakeasy.com, like on Facebook at @950SpeakeasyBistro or follow on Instagram at @950Speakeasy_Bistro.

For all media inquiries, contact Morgan Ellis at morgan@mnepr.com or by calling 260.610.6247. For hi-res images, click here.

About the 950 Speakeasy Bistro

The 950 Speakeasy Bistro is a bar and eatery located along the banks of the Wabash River in Lagro, Ind. Owned and operated by the Gillespie Family, the 950 Speakeasy Bistro offers a variety of Lagro-inspired cocktails and dishes. The 950 Speakeasy Bistro is a location under the Lagro Canal Foundation in Lagro of Wabash County, Ind. For more information about the 950 Speakeasy Bistro, visit 950Speakeasy.com.

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