CHURUBUSCO — The Churubusco Town Council held its regular meeting May 4 with DLZ Corporation Project Manager Holly Miller in attendance regarding the town’s sewer project.

“The two resolutions that will need to happen will be identifying who on the town, or with the town, who will be the signatory for any official documents with the loan,” Miller said. “The other one is an acceptance of the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) document which happens after we hold a public case anyone has questions about the project.”

The PER outlines what is involved with the project and the engineer’s estimate.

DLZ is one of the top consulting firms in the architectural, engineering, and surveying industry.

API Construction Company was awarded the sewer project which is a recognized specialty industrial contractor.

Council members agreed to hold a public hearing on the sewer project June 1 at 6 p.m. before its regular meeting in the Churubusco Scout Building.

In old business, council members approved Resolution 2022-05 for spending within the American Rescue Plan (ARP) money.

“So last year, you guys (council members) approved an ordinance to create funds for ARP money. With that, we also had a spending plan with it and majority of that split funding plan was to go towards sewer and stormwater infrastructure which is an eligible expense,” Clerk-Treasurer Madalyn Sade-Bartl said. “There was some money allocated for some technology upgrades due to social distancing in public buildings and then some things to help with non-profits.”

ARP changes the course of the pandemic and delivers immediate and direct relief to families and workers impacted by the COVID-19 crisis through no fault of their own. This law is one of the most progressive pieces of legislation in history, and will build a bridge to an equitable economic recovery.

In other approvals, the council members approved the Facade Grant program in the amount of $4,478.76.

The Facade Grant Program is specifically designed for the preservation and/or restoration of historic building facades. The program utilizes public funds to entice private investment by property and business owners interested in rehabilitating and restoring downtown commercial structures, stressing their historic significance.

“In the past, the town has given Turtle Days (sponsorship) money and usually it went towards fireworks. Last year I did not because I did not do fireworks,” Sade-Bartl said. “They (Turtle Days board) said (last year) up to $2,500 they (Turtle Days board) bought shirts and stuff with that (money).....they also paid for a couple of entertainment ads...last year they (Turtle Days board) did not use all of that ($2,500) and they increased dramatically in price.”

Sade-Bartl is currently a member on the Turtle Days board.

Board members advised Sade-Bartl that they would like to know what activities will be included this year for the town’s sponsorship of Turtle Days before $2,500 is approved.

In department news, Town Supervisor Jeremy Hart advised that the Clingerman Avenue street improvement project is going well and a motion was made and approved for a part-time concrete employee.

In police news, Town Marshal Dustin Papenbrock requested two new Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and a part-time police officer for the third shift. The AED he currently has has expired. Council members approved both requests.

Papenbrock also reported on Warriors Appreciation Day slated for June 25 which is organized by Jeff Schenher.

“The park is available on that date,” Schenher said. “I would just like to have a healing day regarding Vietnam and Afghanistan, and I would like to invite the churches to help in the food and a free will donation....everyone I talk to is on board,” Schenher said in the November 2021 council meeting.

Many more activities have been added to this event by Schenher according to Papenbrock which will require a festival permit and special license to use the park.

“And, he (Schenher) will have to get a special event insurance policy and we (the town) have told him (Schenher) about that,” Sade-Bartl said. “Because our (the town’s) insurance policy will not cover anything.”

Papenbrock will be in contact with Schenher regarding safety concerns and special license required for this event.

Park Superintendent Rick Krider reported that the town park is running good.

The next meeting is May 18 at 6 p.m. in the Churubusco Scout Building.

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