Gov. Holcomb

INDIANAPOLIS — In a state briefing today Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb shared that he and the first lady are feeling well but are "hunkering down" after several members of his security detail tested positive for COVID.

Gov. Holcomb said in order to have the most accurate test reading, he and his wife plan on taking a COVID test at the end of the week.

Indiana Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box said the contact tracing process for the governor and those individuals had already begun and 20 close contacts, including the governor and first lady, were contacted.

It's further proof, she said, that "COVID can strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime."

Gov. Holcomb's executive order creating further safety restrictions took effect this week. Whitley County is considered in the "red" meaning county spread is high.

"There's a cause and effect to all this," said Gov. Holcomb. "As we see community spread occur and rise, cases rise, hospital numbers rise," he sadi, adding "with every action there's an equal or greater reaction" and that right now best safety practices right now will "make a difference."

Hospitals, Dr, Box said, are struggling, and as hospital workers make efforts to help those in need, those needing tested are asked not to go to the emergency room to do so, but rather a testing location near their area.

Dr. Box said though it is hard, the public is urged to make safe choices as the holidays come closer, and offered tools by the CDC and at to help determine the best practices this year.

Families are encouraged to have smaller gatherings, to wear masks when able and to wash your hands often, and many in some cases it means not having those big gatherings we are used to each year.

"Let's make those hard choices so that we can celebrate those holidays (with those we love)for years to come," she said.

Whitley County's figures for today, November, 18, 2020 are:

- Positive: 1,107

- Deaths: 8

- Total tested: 7,744

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