Dear Resident;

As you may be aware, the Town of Churubusco was recently awarded a Community Crossings Matching Grant to reconstruct a portion of Line Street. Having awarded the contract and having held the pre-construction meeting for the project, we wanted to update and inform residents of what this construction entails.

Line Street will be reconstructed by API Construction with engineering and inspection done by DLZ. This is the second CCMG project API has done for us and the third DLZ has engineered for the town. The project will reconstruct Line Street from Douglas to Clingerman, replace storm water infrastructure including curbs and inlets, remove trees impacting utility infrastructure and sidewalk safety, replace a section of sewer, replace existing sidewalks, construct new sidewalks, and add a 3-way stop at Clingerman and Line Street. Construction was scheduled to begin June 1, but has been moved to begin today, May 24, 2021. The contract specified the project be substantially complete by October 1, 2021; however, API is expected to be substantially complete by July 9, 2021. To help ensure the July dates are met, Line Street will be closed through the duration of the project. Residents will still be able to enter their homes during construction, but there may be instances drives will not be accessible, sometimes for days at a time (concrete curing, trenching and pipe installation, etc.). API has stated residents may park on the street during this time, but cars would have to be moved daily from 7 am to 5 pm. During instances where drives are inaccessible, residents may park on the east side of Line Street south of Douglas Street or on the south side of Clingerman Avenue (please be courteous of fellow resident’s driveways). Daily work will begin after 7 a.m. and will end around 5 p.m. A preliminary schedule of construction can be found on the back of this letter.

We hope this letter helps to alleviate any concerns and answer any questions you may have concerning this project. The Town is committed to make this a smooth-running project and we appreciate your cooperation during construction. 

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