Troopers from the Indiana State Police- Fort Wayne Post will be promoting safe travel over the 4th of July holiday weekend with increased enforcement patrols.

To increase safety for all motorists, the Indiana State Police will be participating in Operation CARE (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) and DUIEP (Driving Under the Influence Enforcement Project) from July 1 to July 5th. These enforcement projects are federally funded programs that allow extra troopers to patrol Hoosier highways through the holiday period when increased traffic volume is expected.

Patrol efforts will be focused on distracted and impaired driving behavior, and unrestrained drivers and passengers. During this same four day holiday weekend last year, Indiana experienced 2,345 crashes which resulted in 425 injuries and 13 fatalities. 

Motorists are encouraged to do your part to ensure safety on our Hoosier roadways:

  • Don’t drive distracted- *Indiana law restricts motorist’s use of cellphones to Hands Free technology only, with exception for emergency 911 calls.
  • Obey posted speed limits, and reduce speeds as necessary.
  • Increase following distances- Don’t tailgate.
  • Make sure all vehicle occupants are buckled-up- Seat belts reduce injuries and save lives, but only when properly worn.
  • Be alert! Don’t drive impaired- whether by alcohol, drugs, or exhaustion.
  • If you suspect an impaired driver- please call 911 (when safe to do so) and provide a vehicle description, location, direction of travel, and license plate, if possible.

Your troopers at the Fort Wayne Post are wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend. With your help, together we can promote safety and prevent tragedy on our Hoosier roadways!

Buckle-up, Drive Responsibly, and Stay Alert!

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